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Full Version: Guitarists: Amp Modeling, What Are You Using?
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the clash
Just wanted to ask what you guys are using.
I cant really crank my valve amp up and mic that up at home as I need to keep my family & the neighbours happy and there is no line out on it so I need to get some kind of amp modeling fx for recording at home.
I tried the Pod XT yesterday and thought it was OK and have yet to try out the Vox Tonelab and others.
Anyone heard anything about the new Boss GT Pro?
What are you guys using and what others can you recommend to try out?
I'm in the same boat as you(HEADPHONES ONLY) and have tried this and that as well. Up until recently to record guitar direct, I used the SansAmp Classic with my own effects and I've had great success, but with much tweaking. That was with an outboard Digital Multi-tracker setup.

Now that I'm using a DAW set-up(DP 4.5 / Motu's 828 mkII) I bought "Guitar Rig" a while back and I gotta say that I couldn't be happier. For recording, which was my main reason for getting it, it's spectacular. Great with headphones! It already comes with lots of useful and incredible sounds that can all be tweaked if needed, but seldom do. Easy to create your own tailored sounds and save for future use. Guitar Rig also comes with it's own very heavy duty(well made) expression pedal for Wah Wah, panning, volume control, etc.

Apparently, it can be used in a live format, but I don't think I'd go that far with it.

Assuming you're using a computer, you should check it out for sure:

Good Luck!

I bought a Pod XT last summer and have been really pleased with it. I've been playing for years and have owned many amps, Marshalls, Fenders, Roland etc.
I wanted something that was usable not just on a computer, and that I could use the same sounds through an amp, even live, the XT has enabled me to do all this. The more I have used it the more I love it. Also I have had no problems, crashes ever. If I changed it it would be for the pro version to have more flexible i/o options.

If you have any questions about the XT just ask me!

Adrian Delso
I use a Behringer X V-Amp. It's as cheap as chips, lots of good tweakable sounds, good pedal controls and could be used live, although it's definitely a consumer, rather than pro item.
Downside? No On/Off switch.
I also have a Behringer V-Amp. I don't play guitar, sometimes I use it to effect synth sounds. I have had no complaints from the guitar players that do use it... except for the gate is kinda tough to open up.
[SIZE=7][COLOR=purple][FONT=Courier] rolleyes.gif Hi Steve,

I used to have a Behringer V-Amp 2, it's pre-amplifier you can use through your midi-Interface or soundcard or through a analog output. Actually I prefer more the software Guitar Rig for the computer, amazing sounds in it! I hope you'll have the possibility to try the V-amp before, I guess it's not anybodies favourite. A 30-day demo of Guitar Rig you can download on the native instruments website.

best regards
the clash
Thanks for the replies guys.
No store near me had a Behringer V-Amp to try out and I couldnt wait any longer!
So I decided to go with the Pod, cheers once again.
Pod's are great

I use the XT live board & a variax 700 for live & studio can't be beat

I have two old style screens in the studio & the pod can be set on high gain amp settings with the variax on a tele bridge PU............WITH NO HUM

& versatility is awesome I play weddings sometimes which requires a fair number of different sounds & flat out rock & blues stuff the XTlive delivers everytime & it sure beats (in my case anyway) lugging a twin & a musicman everywhere

All the best
I recently started using the Garge Band/Logic amp simulators, they actually don't sound bad.

Here's an example

garageband/logic amp sims??

I take it that's on logic pro7??

I've only got pro6 as I need to update to OS10

I do have ampfarm in pro tools but indeed was wandering about the logic stuff

Logic Express contains a cut-down version of the amp simulator in LP7, also has all the amp sims from Garage Band.

Check apple's site for details.

The Garge Band/Logic amp simulators in Logic 7 sound bloody great! Makes me wish I had the extra cash to buy the the full Logic program rather than Logic Express 7. Well, I suppose I must start saving the spare change again. Nice examples, thanks for posting them.

The aging elf
How does Logic/Garagebands amp emulations compart to Izotope Trash? Or Guitar Rig or Amplitube? Has anyone done a side by side compariston of the amp models/distortion/overdrive aspects and how well they emulate the real thing? I think overall, they lack a great tone, but seems technology gets closer every year... Other effects aside, I like Trash but haven't heard Logic's (and I'm thinking of buying Logic Pro).

Guitar Chic
Ampfarm in pro-tools is as good as I've ever heard for guitar

& any tone I want it supplys, my father & I also own around 25 amps so comparison to real thing is good

but garageband sounds well cool, I tried amplitube & went back (everytime) to ampfarm or a pod

jolly earbashings
A we bit late in responding - but I use a POD-II for recording into my DAW.
The POD works great for that - better than live use actually.

Cheers: Dixiechicken

PS I'm a guitarist b.t.w. T.S
All of the emulators work to a degree and it usually depends on the purpose and where the whole thing lands. I use the POD and Amp Farm/Amplitude and the Logic Pro gizmo.
I try and use it for a couple of things. Broadcast, to catch an idea and as an odd duck
if none of my real amps are inspireing.
In broadcast and TV, music isn't as 'in your face' as we'd like it to be so sometimes it's faster and easier to ue a modeler. In songwriting, time can be a factor and you can loose the moment or get detoured while looking for a perfct signal path.
On a real CD, it get's dicier because people will liten repeatedly (hopefully!)
so tone is a huge factor. I usually elegate Amp Farm etc... to the background or uuse it for something that it's not intended for like drums or a horm, even acoustiv piano.
All of these tools should be, and usually are, fun.
Might be closing the door when the horse is on his way to Bermuda, but I'd like to chime in and say that if you're going with an extrenal amp modeler, try the Vox ToneLab SE. I tried them all and this was the only one that really gave the tone and feel of a real tube (could it be because it uses a real tube?) and actually feels like I'm using old fashioned stomp boxes in front of a nice group of vintage and boutique amps. Took some tweaking to work with the high output of my Steinberger, but man was it worth it. Amazing tone. Also, more cost effective than the Line 6 because it it it's own foot controller.

To give a nod to Line6, I did feel the Vox Tonelab fell flat with fuzzbox emulation but this was remedied by putting the yellow Line6 fuzzbox emulator in it's effects loop. The combo is clutch.

Yes, GarageBand and Logic (Express 7.2 or Pro 7.2) have some decent sounds for guitar.

But if you're really interested in shredding it up, with an insane amount of tonal possibilities and versatility, you really should check out the various computer amp modeling programs out there. Here are some of the best, in ascending order of price. All of them have INCREDIBLE, PRO sound quality:

1) Line 6 TonePort UX1 or UX2 ($129 or $199)
From the makers of the PodXT, with all the sounds from it, with a nice USB 2.0 computer interface, which also has direct line-outs to plug straight into a PA or whatever. Amazing sounds, great value, major expandibility, XLR and 1/4" inputs, bass amps and vocal preamps too, and very processor-friendly (5% of my MacBook Pro C2D's 200% CPU power at any given time). Now the fabulous software that this comes with/runs (GearBox) is also available in a couple of different configurations as a plug-in as well as the standalone version.

2) IK Multimedia's Amplitube 2.0 (around $329 - though academic discounts are available)
Visually mesmerizing interface, even better overall sound than the Line 6 option (read: fantastic-er wink.gif ), though More CPU-intensive (15%-25% of my 200%), very detailed and accurate tuner, two simultaneous guitar rigs with numerous interchangeable possibilities, can go up to 96 MHz sample rate. Is both a standalone and plug-in at once. Foot controller/computer interface will be released soon (the Stomp IO) - probably January.

3) Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2.0 ($499 - though academic discounts are also available, as is a software-only version [sans foot-controller] that will save you some cash if absolutely necessary)
Similar quality to Amplitube 2, but comes with very nice foot controller/computer interface. A very slight bit more flexibility than its competitor, for that .001% who want to be able to line up MORE than Amplitube's at-one-time restriction of 10 stompbox effects, 2 amps, 2 cabinets, and 8 rack effects. And it is by far the most CPU-intensive of the three, though it may be the most versatile live option at this point.

I have the first two, but have opted not to get the third. Go to their websites, try them out. All three of these options are infinitely better than the guitar sound possibilities in GarageBand, Logic Express, and Logic Pro, and they can be used with all three of these programs (and any other DAW or recording software you have). All can be used to perform with at a pro level, as well. You just have to find out how best you want to do it. For other options, there is also the Waves GTR, but all of my research and review-reading tells me that it is not as flexible or comprehensive as either Amplitube 2.0 or Guitar Rig 2.0, and its sound quality is about the same.

Whichever way you go here, I guarantee that you won't be disappointed.
Good write up. I'll just add the Bomb Factory Sansamp plug in to the list for Pro Tools. It's the older than the other modelers you've listed, but I find it to be easy to use and gets a good sound, distorted or clean. The "American Woman" preset is aces!
There has been some concern about Amplitube not loading up in GarageBand. This may be a tech problem, as others have reported the same issue with Logic Express 7.2, but not with Logic Pro 7.2. For more, check this thread at the Big Blue Lounge:
I suggest using a THD Hotplate power attenuator. You can crank your amp, then adjust the output at the hotplate to a desired level, leaving you amp's tone mostly intact. The modelling stuff is ok in my opinion, but will never touch the feel and vibe of a good valve amp.
Also, you may want to put a Carl Martin compressor on the front end. They're extremely transparent, and levels things out very nicely. It the best compressor I've ever used, bar none.
Check these out at:
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