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30 Jan 2006
Usually play my Guitar directly through my G5 Imac using a 1/4" --> 1/8" adapter on the end of my guitar cable... I'm using Amplitube and Guitar Rig software (Garageband too to import the tracks). Found a cheap Pignose Amp with pre-amp out and thought I could use it as a pre-amp to make the sound a bit richer - but the speaker on the Pignose doesn't cut out when used - is this normal? I can remove the speaker wires from the Pignose (internally) if I need to - does anyone know if this will work as a pre-amp??
10 Jun 2005
Bought a fastrack - didn't come with software but I use Garageband, Guitar Rig, Amplitube, etc... I was plugging directly in with an 1/8" adapter into my input on my G4 - sounds sweet. Now with the Fastrack (I've checked all settings in "SOUND" and "MIDI") I get only clean guitar from all apps? Tried plugging into my speakers and headphones tried different settings but all I get is "clean" - what am I doing wrong?

Clean is nice but I like down and dirty too smile.gif

NO crunch at all - no matter how I set it up or how I turn the knobs - without it I get the Marshall sound - with it - sounds like a clean clean guitar - no crunch in Guitar Rig software or Amplitube - no crunch in GB either - disconnected it and set back up with built-in inputs and outputs - I have crunch?? is it broken or am I a dummy?
29 May 2005
FIRST POST! Howdy kids...

Just bought a M-Audio Fastrack from Ebay... not here yet. Seller says no software comes with it - I downloaded the GT Player Xpress Demo - works sweet - but want the real deal - I can download it here:

But it wants the serial number (of the fastrack I guess) and it's not here and the seller won't answer emails now...

Anyone help? Maybe a serial number to download it with? Plugging into Garageband works sweet without the Fastrack but I want to use Logic, etc... The GT Player software sounds great but the demo mode is crap...

mailed M-Audio 2 times - finally answered back 4 days later - they asked "why" I wanted it - DUH... told em' to play with it of course - never got another reply since then since it comes with the Fastrack when bought new - can anyone help with the downloading (serial number maybe?)

Also I have a forum for Video Card flashing (Mac) - if anyone needs help just come to - I'm "italiano" in the forums (Admin)
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