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8 Nov 2010
HI All:

I´d always take a look to the forum and mails, trying to find new and easier ways to work with Logic. I am a big fan of the software. Now I am purchasing a TC Electronic Impact Twin, but can´t see any topic about their eventual incompatibility....I mean, these interfaces look in paper as a step forward in terms of more features in less space, which is a plus, to me.
I ´ve been using a M-Audio FW 410 for several years and I have few bad things to say about it, beyond driver updating and one or two glitches, it is 80% OK. Now I guess is time to improve, looking for the "Less Latency Paradise", and a better jitter handling (word clock-wise). They also come with some nice reverb, comp. and the like.
So, my question is, despite that anybody could be interested in an answer : Is there any known trouble between those two guys (Logic Pro vs TC Impact Twin) ??

Thanks in advance...


19 Nov 2009
Hi all:

I am using Logic 9 and since virtual instruments era I ´ve been using less and less synth modules and the hardware world related stuff...
Now I have an interface, a preamp and keyboard controller, I guess "retiring time" for the mixer table is nearer than ever.
I´ve found such a number of Monitor Controllers out there, that all ended up being a matter of budget, So I bought a Presonus Monitor Station
to manage monitors and headphones and an Alphatrack device to do the ups and downs a little more subtile.
I still want to keep a couple of hardware modules, so I guess they all are going to a patchbay and then, to the 3rd IN on the Presonus MS...
Daw out to the other and probably a CD player or whatever in the other input....Are you still following me ?
If so, I want to ask (to your hearts) if this is a good idea, I guess it could be easier and cleaner.....or may be not..?
Thanks in advance...

P.D. I know I should ask before buying.....but what can I say...
15 Apr 2009
HI All:

I know this could sound weird but I´ve just find out that my Mac Pro 2.6 did not have the ability to connect wireless to nothing....
I was letting it be a happy box with just Logic and almost nothing else, then I decided to "talk" to an iMac I have for web affairs but it couldn´t be done,

I guess I need a pcie airport card or whatever, in order to do such connection. Any thoughts ?
I ´ve saw a bunch of devices in online stores but couldn´t find out which one I need. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance and please forget my ignorance.
14 Jan 2009
Hi every body....( As usual, please forgive my bad English)

I am a Logic user since version 2.4 which does not mean that I consider myself to be a guru, but I have made some decent music with it
Once said that, what is happening is weird...
I record a part, a bass line for instance, and when I go to "piano roll" in order to edit it, change some notes or whatever, I found that all notes seems to be duplicated (one behind the other, same velocity, same duration), then I have to go one by one to avoid that double note mysterious recording...
I really don´t know why I am doing this, nothing happens with the double notes (or I am not hearing it), but it is kind of annoying...

May be someone in the forum has or knows about a solution (shortcut) or key command that could be shared...??

Well, thanks in advance for your time and patience unsure.gif
28 Aug 2008
Hi all:

I have been recording at home for a while using the "normal" stuff: Mackie 24.8, interface and Mac.....Now I have this new Mac Pro w/Logic Pro 8 in it and still have my FW4410 M-Audio interface....I do have a bunch of synth modules and outboard as well, but I think it is time to update my set up.
I guess I´ll give all the old and bulky stuff away (Mackie, synth, outboard, adat, dat, etc) and will keep just the most beloved:
a couple fo modules, a rev and maybe a compressor....But I am going to need a mixer, but a small one. I guess I´ll need one that could act as an interface and as a small mixer...But this search is not an easy task.
I´ve been looking in the web for such a piece but with not success. Here´s where I need some of your help.
Any idea of how could I put this set up together ?
There´s a mini-mixer-interface waiting for me ?
If so, are their pre good enough to make a more than decent recording ?
I would like to make it a better looking space too, so I think I could move to a "better" interface and do some cosmetic changes but I can´t sell the house to do that........for obvious reasons.... So, I need help and I also know that this could be the place.
I´ll look forward to read your ideas....if any
Thanks a lot in advance
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