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13 May 2003
Looking to get a cheap condensor for vocals and acoustic guitar. Does anyone have anything good (or bad) to say about the Behringer B2? I'm currently using an SM-57. Will a lower end condensor like the B2 make a big difference in my recordings? Any other suggestions? Thanks...
28 Mar 2003
Shipping late April.. They're already taking orders - I just placed mine for a free LA6 upgrade ($8 shipping). Tech support provided the following upgrade details:

"Registered users who purchased the Logic 5.x full package after December 1'st are eligible for a free upgrade to Logic 6.x. Purchasers of the Logic 5 update from 3.x or 4.x are not eligible for the free upgrade and must purchase the 6.x upgrade for $129. Please call our sales department for information on obtaining the upgrade."
28 Jan 2003
A simple question:

I've done the good deed and purchased an external firewire drive for my iMac 'studio.' I know I'm supposed to store all audio/song files/projects here rather than my internal drive. My question is, does this "rule" also apply to sample libraries?

For example, I bought a CD that contains 1,000 or so drum loops. I plan on using these both with Reason and directly with Logic. Aside from it being easier to access from a drive rather than a CD, I wanted to copy the files in order to rename them, as they don't currently reflect BPMs. Will storing these on my internal drive cause the same amount of disruption as a song file (i.e. is there any benefit to storing sample libraries on the external drive)?

While I'm at it, should something like an iTunes music folder be taken off the internal drive and ported to the firewire drive as well?
1 Nov 2002
Sorry if this has been covered already, but I couldn't find it on a quick search...

here's the background: I have an iMac dual g4 and currently run Reason 2.0 with a Tascam US-428 in osX. I've been trying to hold out for something affordable, or at least stable in osX (am considering Deck 3.5 as my cheap option or Cubase SX as my complete option) but would really like to get down to recording some audio after having this equipment for 4 months. So, I'm going to quit being stubborn and see what I can do with the OEM versions of Cubasis VST and Deck LE that come bundled with the US-428 - and nobody needs to remind me how limited these programs are - I just want to finally track a bass line!

here's the question(s): Obviously I'll need to install these programs in os9. First off, will I need to install the os9 US-428 drivers and/or reinstall Reason in os9? Secondly, will the existing osX files (US-428 driver and Reason) cause any kind of problems? Anything else I should keep in mind, or am I making this more difficult than it seems? Thanks in advance...
25 Jul 2002
Hi folks,

I just bought a boatload of equipment in order to set myself up with a home recording studio, this being my first attempt at any kind of digital recording (read-I have no idea what I'm doing). So far, I've unsuccessfully attempted to use: an iMac G4 (384 RAM) on OS9.2 with an Audiosport Quattro and both Logic Delta (which was bundled with the thing) as well as Logic 4.7. After following all the installation instructions for OMS and the Quattro drivers (including dragging the Quattro's ASIO driver file into either of the two Logic ASIO folders), I get an error message that doesn't recognize the ASIO driver.

After scanning through some of the older posts, I see I'm not alone. However, I also recognize that there's a few lucky people out there that have somehow found a way to coexist with this horrid box.

Before I go ahead and just return the Quattro and write it off as a bonafide piece-o-crap, I'd like to see if anybody out there can offer some suggestions. If I can get it to work, I'd be pleased as punch. With what I'm trying to do, I need something that can handle both MIDI and audio - on first glance, there doesn't appear to be anything else out there that offers this combo (please correct me if I'm wrong) - especially in this price range ($260). Probably my fault for going cheap, but you would think that it wouldn't be such a difficult thing to get the Quattro to do what it is supposed to. Thanks in advance...

PS - I'm still waiting to hear from M-Audio
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