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1 Apr 2008
Hi All
Can anyone reccomend a good software programme that will help me create good CD case inserts. Working with Tiger 10.4.9.
17 Feb 2008

This is really cool. Check it out!
15 Dec 2007
GarageBand update 4.1.1
Beware this update.
After installing on my G4 Powerbook (Tiger 10.4.9) I found that I could no longer drag or option/drag loops between unlocked tracks if other tracks were locked. This was just so annoying I reinstalled GarageBand 4 from the iLife 08 disc. All works ok now.
29 Jan 2007
I have uninstalled and then reinstalled several plugins to GB. Both versions of the plugin then appear in the generator/effects list in the track info box, one that works and one that doesn't. Does anyone know of a way to remove the redundant plugin names from the list?
Not a big deal but I do like things tidy huh.gif
6 May 2006
Be warned. If you have been using idrum on more than one computer before its recent purchase by iZotope don't download the latest update onto both machines as it is a single machine licence. I just lost the use of idrum on my imac after downloading and authorising onto my ibook.
I feel ripped off that something I've been using for a couple of years is now no longer available unless I continually change the authorisation via internet access. Cheers then iZotope...? angry.gif
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