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27 Jun 2005
A mac used to make funy noises when starting up if it didn't like the RAM, these days I find a G4 will boot up fine but maybe crash later during an install or whilst running if it has bad RAM, so what is checked at startup?
Also I've seen a few G4's now running with a mixture of PC133 and PC100 with no problems...
20 Apr 2005
Where do you get these repaired, anyone had any experience with this?
I've checked the emagic site, no info, and then the Apple site without any luck.
This one's got a taosted tantalum, a blown usb hub chip and the main microcontroller is getting very hot..

Any help greatly appreciated..

3 Mar 2005

I'd like to know what options there are for a g4 powerbook firewire i/f that will work under 9 and X with logic audio.

Preferably it will have digital o/p's to go into an 02r or similar, analogs are not essential. It might have faders on it in which case the 02r would be surplus to requirements but OS9 and OSX are essential..

It's for a user wishing to upgrade who has a large existing 'portfolio' of complete and work in progress on 0S9 but is looking to the future too...

what do you think folks?? I'd like to get this right for him.
I'm thinking motu, 896 possibly, but have no experience of this under OS9...
24 Jan 2005
Our poor OB-Mx has lost half its' patches!

Does anyone know where to get or have a sysex dump from an oberheim OB-Mx, does anyone have one of these beauties and could possibly record a dump into their sequencer for me?

Thanks smile.gif
20 Jan 2005
I'm waiting for the 1GB units to arrive in the Apple Store London before I buy, but has anyone used one yet, any comments at all would be welcome...?
They had lots of the 512MB units on Friday evening but had run out when I was in there on Tues afternoon so I guess demand's been pretty high!

Thanks biggrin.gif

P.S. ummm, shuffle, not shuttle, in the title you understand... unsure.gif
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