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4 Oct 2004
Has anyone successfully used the iMic with Opcode Vision successfully. I have tried and get severe stuttering on the playback. I am running OS 9.1 with Vision DSP 4.5.1. on a 400 mhz iMac that has a couple of USB ports and one unused firewire as well.

31 May 2004
I recently purchased Music Tech Magazine to get their Tassman modular synth version for my iMac. It is supposed to work under OS9 but when I try to install it, it says "sorry must be at OSX 10.2 or greater" or something like that.

Has anybody else successfully installed this under OS9 or have any idea of what the problem is? I am running 9.1 on an iMac.

12 Feb 2002
I have a '62 Fender Strat that came with a '67 neck for some reason. Does anyone know where I could buy an original '62 neck without having to buy the whole guitar?
8 Nov 2001
I am relatively new to multitrack recording. Apart from having recorded a few pieces on my iMac, I have been recently transferring to my Mac some recordings I did 10 years ago on my 4 track portastudio for the purpose of 're-mastering'. I was struck by the relative richness of these old recordings to my more recent ones and was wondering whether I stumbled into the old analog vs digital problem. If so, does a product like T-Rack-S solve the problem or do I simply need to learn how to better use the EQ and VST plug-ins on my multitrack software?
20 Aug 2001
I was planning on getting a new iMac and was wondering if anybody knew of a way or trick to migrate Opcode's Vision/DSP program from one computer to another. I originally purchases it as a web download and used the challenge/response method to authorize it.

I have tried copying the program and its auhorization preferences but it still asks for authorization - presumably this is tied in to feature of the hardware itself.

I should also mention that their documentation mentions that they give three chances on this challenge/response thing but I am not sure if the company is still alive or if this is still true.

As I plan to stay with this program, but doing feel like buying another license, any help would be much appreciated.
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