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17 Apr 2005
Im after natural sounding drums and I find that with Logic's Ultrabeat Im not getting the sounds Im after.
I have just visited FXpansion and their BFD Drum Kit sounds just amazing and is probably the closest I have heard yet to real natural sounding drums.
Is there any others I should check out?
10 Apr 2005
Just wanted to ask what you guys are using.
I cant really crank my valve amp up and mic that up at home as I need to keep my family & the neighbours happy and there is no line out on it so I need to get some kind of amp modeling fx for recording at home.
I tried the Pod XT yesterday and thought it was OK and have yet to try out the Vox Tonelab and others.
Anyone heard anything about the new Boss GT Pro?
What are you guys using and what others can you recommend to try out?
8 Apr 2005
Anyone using the G5's S/PDIF port with a Vox Tonelab's S/PDIF port?

Im thinking of buying the Vox Tonelab for recording guitar and just wondered if anyone had hooked it up to a PowerMac G5 via the ToneLab's Digital Out S/PDIF and into the G5's Digital In S/PDIF ports?
Is this do-able?

Not heard anyone do this as it always seems to be Firewire & USB that people mostly use. Would using a S/PDIF port be any better than using a Firewire port?
20 Nov 2004
Is it possible to get the sounds on my Novation KStation Synthesizer into Logic? (And out through my PowerBook speakers)
Or do I need the software version of the KStation? (VStation)
20 Nov 2004
I have yet to get to the 'Mixing' stage, but what with all these soft synths and everything and being able to create everything on our Macs do I need a mixer/hardware?
Can I get a mixer in software? and will I only need monitors then?

I am only using a MOTU FastLane at the moment but is there a mixer built into gear like the MOTU 828 or the new MOTU Traveller?
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