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4 Mar 2006
Resently there was a light harted post about the effects of alcohol in the mass media...
It went way out of controll,,, I will not put up with the self rightios on any subject.. (sorry about spelling and grammer as I am quite drunk now on Rum)
If folks would have payed attention, they would have noticed the subject was actually poking fun at the rather destuctive effects of alcohol.
I will delete any posts that becone an argument that has no resolve
27 Oct 2004
I just read of the Passing of Don Leslie at the age of 93. Most Hammond organ Players will know him as the inventor of the Rotary speaker that bears his name and helped to make the B3 a legendary instrument.
2 Jan 2003
This info used to be here..somewhere, but I guess during the great move it got deleted.
There is a company that makes upgrades for older iMacs that don't have fire wire, to having fire wire,,, also had an upgraded prossesor... Anyone remember the name of the company, and or their web site address?
18 Jul 2002
I have soundiver running on an iMac 350 indigo using OS 9. Here is the problem, I get the probram to recognise my alesis nanosynth, recieves the data, loads library, the whole nine yards. Everythings works great! Killer program. Untill I quit, and put the computer into the sleep mode. When I go back to soundiver, it says that it is not recieving data from the nano, check midi cables, so on and so forth. No matter what I do, it is a no go.
If I restart the computer, start up soundiver, I can then reload the nano info and every thing is fine, untill I put the computer back to sleep. Any ideas what the problem is? Restarting the computer every time is a pain. sad.gif
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