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15 Jul 2005
Hey all,

Ive got a lame arse Logic question and trust me I feel bad about it but here goes:

The bar graph across the top of the arrange that shows the number of the bar. I somehow clicked something and now it shows a 5 bar beat that says 0I0, 0I5, 0I10 etc. Ive tried changing it in the transport to no avail.

Does anyone have any idea what I have changed here?
2 Sep 2004
Is it possible to use the BCF2000 with Logic Pro, I cant get mine working. Has anyone created a suitable environment for it or got it working under Pro??
2 Aug 2004
Has anyone tried the BCF with Logic Pro on Panther yet? Are there any bugs?

I tried using the tascam US428 with Logic and it turned out that I had to mess around with the environment. Does the B Control do away with these time consuming configurations?
1 Apr 2004
I've been told there is an editor for the Nord Modular on OS X.
Is this true?
6 Dec 2003
Has anyone upgraded their Delta card for PCI-X.

Could you please tell me if there has been any problems?

Was the delivery smooth, is the card in good working order, are there any improvements?.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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