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13 Mar 2020
A beautiful hair is one of the beautiful features of a girl. For many reasons, many girls canít have beautiful hair. They often worry about it. Fortunately, girls can wear 100% virgin Brazilian Hair to fulfill their wishes, and there are so many choices for human hair products. But there are so many hairstyle choices on the market, and Full Lace Front Wigs is made of so many different raw materials. At the end, which one should be chosen?

Why do we choose Brazilian curly hair products?
First of all, the raw materials for producing Brazilian Curly Hair extension are all Brazilian virgin hair, and Brazilian virgin hair is now one of the best raw materials for human hair weave production in the world. Brazilian virgin hair bundles are best natural human hair without any perming, dyeing, modeling and chemical treatment. They are soft, thick, durable and many other advantages, so they are widely used in todayís wig market.

The second point is that because the hairstyle of Brazilian curly wave weave is more curly than a natural wave, it gives others a more wild and energetic feeling, wearing it will appear more lively. So many young girls like this kind of hairstyle.

Easy Maintenance
That has everyone running to buy curly hair extensions is the easy maintenance. Whether itís your natural hair or human extensions all curly ends require one important product and that is conditioner. Curly hair can be a little drier than most textures which means we will need to lock the moisture in ten times as fast and make it last. Leave in conditioner will literally be your best friend. you donít need a lot to keep your curls looking tight, try to squeeze a dime size into your palm and spread thoroughly on and into the wig.

Brazilian Curly Hair
Produces and sells the most natural Brazilian curly hair extension. The raw materials used to produce them are all 100% Brazilian virgin hair and completely pure hands, so our Brazilian curly hair is the most natural and healthy. And it will not cause any discomfort and allergy.

We have a lot of choices here, like Brazilian curly hair bundles with closure, Brazilian curly hair bundles with frontal, Brazilian curly hair lace closure, Brazilian curly hair lace frontal and so on. Choose the one you like best.

13 Mar 2020
For many years it was frowned upon for African American women to wear any color in their Human Hair Wigs that wasnít black. But now we are happy to see our young and older Queens rocking beautiful and voluminous golden locks. So why is it that more and more Black Women are falling in love with Lace Front Wigs ?

What is a Lace Front Wig?
A lace front wig is like any other lace wig, meaning it has the same construction. In the simplest context manufacturers hand tie human hair on to a sheer lace the resembles our natural scalp. This technique gives anyone the illusion that the hair is growing from our actual scalp. Since itís somewhat of a rarity to see black women with Remy Human Hair make it a little easier by constructing lace front wigs in that shade.

Lace Frontal Wig Features
So, although lace frontals can appear the same as many others they do have some interesting features that I think would be awesome to mention. Number one, the hairline is impeccable, all lace frontals come with a very realistic hairline that you can pluck to become your own. Also adding in a few baby hairs will add to the authenticity, and great news is that tons of weave companies are creating wigs with baby hairs already created. Another important feature is that the lace will go from ear to ear. The best and most important part of your Frontal is making sure the lace covers the entire top section of your head.

You Can Dye Lace Frontal Wigs!
As we mentioned before weave is the kind you can dye the most. You must strip darker hair of its natural color by bleaching it, and then you add the color you want. Bleaching hair causes damage, split ends, and excessive shedding. So, since 613 Hair is already you get the chance to skip the intense bleaching part of the process and go straight to the coloring.

The same goes for blond lace front wigs. We would just say be careful when dying the top of the hair because sometimes it can seem into the lace causing it to be the same color as the dye. The best tip when it comes down to coloring your lace frontal wig is to separate the hair into sections and the tracks as you get closer to the top to avoid having the dye bleed through the Frontal. So, we completely understand if you try hair and end up not loving it, but on a positive note you can dye it any other color you like with ease.

13 Mar 2020
How to wash a Human Hair Wigs is a question for every woman who uses a wig. Washing a human hair wig in the right way can lengthen the lifespan of your wig. Today we will share with you how to wash a Cheap Brazilian Human Hair step by step.

1. Comb or brush your wig from the ends. According to different hairstyles, please use different tools. Like Virgin Hair Extensions, use the wide-tooth comb, but brush on the straight wave hair. When the knots on the hair are free, you can work the way up to the roots until your brush or comb through it without snagging.

2. Put some shampoo into the warm water you prepare in the sink which you fill with water. Different hairstyles use a different shampoo. Such as, if you want to wash your curly hair wig, you can use a shampoo made for curly hair.

3. Let the wig cap outside and place it into the water. Please let the wig cap outside and leave the wig fibers loose. This way can make the shampoo easy to reach the cap where is the most dirt, oils, and sweat left. Then put the wig into the water till submerge them, give the wig a gentle swirl to help the shampoo throughout the strands.

4. Clean the shampoo by fresh warm water till all the shampoo is gone. Please donít use the hot water which will ruin the hair fiber. If your hair wig is thick, you can wash more. According to different situations use different ways.

5. Wait for 4-5 minutes, then wash the conditioner. Make sure the hair submerge the conditioner completely, so the hair can keep glossy and shiny. By the cold freshwater, clean the conditioner on the hair.

6. You can brush your wig when it is dried completely. Brush the wig from the ends to avoid tangle. If your wig is curly, you can use the wide-tooth comb.

7. When you donít wear your wig, you can put it on the wig stand. In this way, the wig can keep a good shape.

8. If your wig is dirty, you can re-wash it. Normally, after 2-4 weeks later, you can wash it. Washing more frequently is not good for the wig. The wigs just as other products, the more you use, the less lifespan it is. The more you wash, the cuticles are damaged easily. So please make sure to wash it when it is necessary.

9. Using a wig doesnít mean you shouldnít take care of your own hair. Your real hair is covered inside your wig, so when your hair keeps well, it is good for your wig. While your hair is dry, not too much oil, the wig can keep longer on your head without clean.

21 Feb 2020
If you often wear Brazilian Hair, then you definitely know the types and textures of wigs. When looking at wigs you should also consider their quality. The quality of a wig is very important as it could be the difference between your wig lasting for a long period of time or for a short period of time. It is best that you get the highest quality wig that you can possibly afford so that your Brazilian Curly Hair is of a high standard and will last for a long period of time.

But we all have this problem that we donít tell if our wig is high quality. Today, we will talk about this problem and help you to choose the high-quality Full Lace Front Wigs which is the best suitable for you.

Human Hair Wigs
Human hair wigs are 100% Virgin Human Hair, cut from one donor, cuticle holding, no lice and nits, no grey hair. All the hair is the same color, the hair ends is healthy.

So how should we judge if the wig we bought is human hair wigs? Now let me share some methods.

How Can You Know If A Human Hair Wig Is High Quality?

Method 1: Burning With A Lighter
It is a more theoretical way. Burn wig with a lighter, human hair wig made of Indian virgin hair will burn a taste of protein test, chemical fiber wig generally burned is obvious plastic taste.

Method 2: Touch And Vision
Touch and vision can distinguish. In the store there are two kinds of hair generally, you can let the store take a fake-out to you to see, so you can know how to distinguish.

The first color, seeing under the light, chemical fiber has unnatural brightness if you compose with chemical fiber.

Second, the human hair is relatively smooth if you touch, unlike the real hair, chemical fiber will be impetuous feeling. Because no nutritional support, the real hair wig even can be the bifurcation. So there is no bifurcation is also a very good way. Especially if you want to pick up the long hair, there will be a split. At the same time, chemical fiber wig cannot stay in high temperatures which will damage the wig.

Method 3: Comfortable Or Not
Check the wear. If itís uncomfortable, the wig is not well made. A well human hair made wig should be comfortable to wear. It should be made from breathable fabric so the heat wonít be trapped between it and your head. High-quality wigs will last longer because the materials are more durable.

But the human hair wig is made of high-quality virgin hair or shape, it will look very natural, bring it to comfort.

21 Feb 2020
I believe that by the time you read this article, you have a general idea of Human Hair Wigs, and if you can wear it in the right way, it will not only show you the most perfect and natural hairline but also extend its lifespan.

But many consumers donít have the ability to wear her cheap Lace Front Wigs properly, which not only makes it look less natural but also affect your own experience. So in this article, I will share with you how I wore my Remy Human Hair.

You can use either a tape adhesive or a liquid adhesive to attach the lace of your lace front wigs to your forehead, either way, depending on your preference.

The following steps are detailed:
1. Comb your own hair well first
In order to keep your own hair from accidentally running out while wearing your lace front human hair wig, fix your own natural hair with a wig-only mesh.

2. Trim hairline
Put your lace front virgin hair wig on your head, locate it yourself, and cut lace to your own hairline with a pair of scissors. The careful you trim, the closer you get to your own hairline, the more natural the lace front wig that you install.

3. Wash your face
Before applying the adhesive to stick your lace front human wig to your own forehead, you should wash your face carefully and dry it.

4. Stick
Apply a liquid adhesive evenly to the junction of your forehead and lace. Speed up drying with a blower while sticking. If the front trimming is not suitable during the sticking process, you can use a small scissors to trim it.

The last step takes a very long time and patiently stick each foot so that your lace front remy hair wig stick firmly to your head and looks more natural. As the saying goes, slow work makes fine work.

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