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22 Jan 2010
biggrin.gif Hi to all Eno lovers (I'm guessing there's a few here).
The BBC have been making some great music based programmes and here's another that is destined to be essential viewing. The fabulous TV series Arena has made a one hour special about one of my all-time musical heroes, the one and only Brian Eno. It's first showing on BBC4, Friday 22nd Jan at 21.00. Sorry for the late notice, but it will be repeated. Here's a quote:
"Eno has given Arena unprecedented access to observe him working in his studio and talking with friends and colleagues. The master of reinvention engages with fellow influential minds, including Richard Dawkins, Malcolm Gladwell, David Whittaker and Steve Lillywhite, in a series of conversations on science, art, systems analysis, producing and cybernetics."

Here's a link to the info:

And here's a link to the BBC blog about it:

As if that wasn't enough, right after it at 22.00 is another one hour show called Brian Eno: Hits, Classics and Tracks, where Paul Morley talks about some of Eno's hit tracks, either as musician or producer.
Here's the link for that one:

And here's the tracklist for that show to whet your appetite (OK, you might not like them all, but there's some real classics here!):
Roxy Music — Virginia Plain
Roxy Music — Ladytron
Roxy Music — Grey Lagoons
Nico — The End
David Bowie — Heroes
David Bowie — Boys Keep Swinging
Ultravox — My Sex
Devo — Jocko Homo
Talking Heads — Once in a Lifetime
Brian Eno & David Byrne — The Jezebel Spirit
U2 — With or Without You
Passengers — Miss Sarajevo
Coldplay — Viva La Vida
David Byrne — Life is Long

Also, if you missed it first time around, right afterwards they're repeating The Roxy Music Story yet again at 23.00.
Here's the link for that one:

If you miss any of these shows they'll all be repeated at some point, so keep your eyes open, and as usual they'll also be available on the BBCiPlayer for a while:

The BBC are spoiling us!
dreamer cool.gif
19 Jan 2010
biggrin.gif Hi to all here,
If you'd like to hear some music that collectively defies genres and is played on quite a variety of different instruments, then you might like to check out my Soundclick music page at this link:

My work is fairly unusual musically and the tracks are really quite different to each other, so if one isn't your kind of thing, then another might be. There's also some information that you may find interesting on the main artist page, about past activities etc. All tracks can be streamed, but there are also a few free downloads.

You can listen without being a member, or if you wish you can register for free as a listener with Soundclick, which then allows you to create your own user station and add any artist's tracks that you like. There are many good artists to choose from if you do decide to set up your own station.

Thanks for reading this far and please feel free to give me your thoughts.
Hope you enjoy the sounds from my inner space, folks!
Dreamer wink.gif
19 Jan 2010
biggrin.gif Hi to all,
I've created some abstract images, from my own original photography, to complement my soundworlds, and you can view them on my profile page if you wish:

Scroll down quickly to the slide-show to see the images. You can stop the slide-show moving if you want to, by just clicking on an image within it, or wait until the end and click on 'play' again.

Please feel free to give me your thoughts.
Hope you enjoy the art from my inner space, folks!
Dreamer wink.gif
19 Jan 2010
Hi to all,
I have an old, slightly knackered, Stagg jumbo acoustic six string guitar that I don't use, as I have other better acoustics. The thing is that I'd really quite like to have an acoustic Bass guitar also, so I was thinking of putting 4 bass strings on this old guitar instead of spending cash that I don't really have on a new acoustic bass.

Has anyone done this? Is this a good idea or not? If not then why not?
Dreamer wink.gif
19 Jan 2010
Hi to all,
I recently bought a second hand Chinese Moon Lute (or sometimes called Chinese Moon Guitar), which has four strings and is very unusual looking. The only thing is that I don't have clue how to tune it.

Does anyone here know?
Dreamer blink.gif
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