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> Marshall Mg Series Amps, Practise and stage combo
posté dim. 4 mai 2003, 09:23
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Does anyone have thoughts on the new Marshall MG15CD studio amps? these appear to be adding digital EFX like chorus, reverb, delay and flange... and have inputs for CD players???
One even says CDR-does it handle burning to a MAC?(say what??) that said-Marshall amps I've owned in the past never let me down. And what do they mean by emulated headphones out? biggrin.gif [B]
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Saurabh Sethi
posté sam. 17 mai 2003, 16:50
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I had one of those MG15 CD amps.. I wouldn't call it a studio amp.. The Cd input is there so you can play along with your favorite tunes and sound like your part of the band.. It is a amp for beginners.. It is a good amp for $130 , but it not something meant for actual studio recording.. Unless the studio consist of an old 4track and $40 mics..

Saurabh Sethi
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posté lun. 29 déc. 2003, 19:10
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We have a couple of MG15CDs at school, and have found them to be excellent amps.
The R of MG12CDR stands for reverb, ours dont have it so I cant comment.
We also have an MG30DFX which has great digital effects that appear to be the same as those on the 15 watt version.
The amps are good all rounders, the 'emulated' on the outputs means that headphones etc plugged into them will sound just like amp does normally. This has the bonus of being able to record from them into a Mac or four track at line level without the aid of microphones, preamps etc. I'd reccomend the MG series for most things.
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posté sam. 31 janv. 2004, 21:34
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biggrin.gif I agree Quinda but i would say that the older G series 15 watt with twin gain pots and spring reverb was a better sounding amp.

Our lad still uses his at the local studio now and again even though his main combo is a DSL 401.

I really rate those cheap Marshalls. You should get an2/3 year old G15 cd for £ 40 UK or so.

Best of luck and have fun.

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