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> Tiger Upgrade Issues, who is having them and what?
posté dim. 5 juin 2005, 21:26
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Ok... I am stoked to be working on a new G5 dual processor 2ghz machine now at home. It came with Tiger already installed. If it had Panther... I probably wouldn't have bothered to upgrade to Tiger because I didn't think the new features were worth the cost of upgrade IMHO.

So, I have an airport setup at my home that I use with my Tibook without problems. I ordered the new airport express card for the G5 to work on my wireless network and now it seems like a waste of money for that card. The G5 just will not keep a good signal. Its very frustrating. Its the same distance from the base as laptop and laptop stays at full signal strength constantly. It makes no sense. One minute the G5 signal will be nice and strong and working fine... the next minute its down to less than 50% strength and eventually loses signal all together. Turning airport card on and off makes no difference and sometimes it does. So, I was beginning to think the card was deffective since I checked the installation (especially antenna) and its fine and computer recognizes the card no problem.

Well, before I called macmall to ask for return authorization to exchange the card... I did some searching on the net. Apparently, I am not the only one experiencing this signal loss with Tiger. I seen a couple of posts at that described having same problems when updating from Panther to Tiger. One even talked of certain network settings now working correcly. So, it appears maybe my card is fine and its the Tiger operating system. I didn't read the whole posts of those problems due to lack of membership for the site and they charge for membership.

So, would be curious to see if anyone else is having these problems with Tiger or other problems that appear to be related to their Tiger upgrade. It might be useful for those here debating whether or not to upgrade to Tiger as well. cool.gif

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posté lun. 6 juin 2005, 02:32
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Synthetic you can install a Panther on it, just do it in target mode or with a clone wink.gif

It works… biggrin.gif

On the issues there's also the macgénération/macbidouile (hardmac) OpenGL full screen bug (soft freeze).

10.4.2 is in the pipeline too. Thinksecret has some hints (be wary, it's not written on stone this).

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