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> Is Exs24 Available As A Standalone?
posté mer. 23 févr. 2005, 18:40
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I'm wondering if the EXS24 is available as a standalone AU or is it only available as part of of Logic. And secondly, If you have both Logic and GB on your Mac does the EXS24 show up as an AU in GB?

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Jay Shaffer
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posté jeu. 24 févr. 2005, 04:24
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I dont think they are available anymore as standalone AU's; i was lucky enough to get them - i bought the OSX Logic Audio 6 Big Box around a year and a half ago, and they only came as OS9 VSTi's, so i was a bit of a chancer and contacted emagic a while later about it: and they sent me two AU versions when they came out for OSX - free! I was as surprised as you probably are now smile.gif
So they do exist.

Newer versions of Logic (6.4 onwards - since Apple bought them) probably have them as part of the whole installation and not separately.

Your second question : they would show up in Garageband as far as i can gather..Certainly the GB2 i'd say (dont have it), they work in Live 4 and Logic Audio 6.3.1 definitely, so any AU host should be fine.

Hope thats some help
Good luck
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posté ven. 25 févr. 2005, 18:52
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You may be able to find a boxed set, or the Logic6 Big Box that includes the AU.

They do work in Garage Band.


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