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16 Aug 2017
I have a macbook that I use to connect to a wifi network in my place (wirelessly using Airport).

Now I also have speakers that I connect to my macbook using standard cable. From sometime, I wanted to eliminate the speaker cables. Someone suggested I get a Airport Express Base Station to do the same.

Now my doubt is since I will be using the Airport connection to connect to my wifi modem, how can I use it for playing music wirelessly at the same time using the Airport Express since I believe you can only do only one at a time.
Is there any way to surf the net and play music wirelessly simultaneously? reference visited

Please note that my wifi modem router is inaccessible physically, so any new cable/ethernet connections to it are not possible.

I am sorry for such a long explanation of my doubt. But I hope I have made myself clear. I also someone can answer me.

Thanks and Regards,
Dixita Patel
20 Jun 2017
Hello everyone,

I have stupid question .. I always read that to make a good mix everything must stand at -5 / -6 db
and away: register a guitar and it seems like peaks is there, I go with the 2nd, I put a 3rd, add the battery, a low register and ... red red red red red and forth, beginning with lower volumes , down here, down there ... but what is wrong in principle?

9 Jun 2017

What did you listen to and what do you think? This is a good way to keep a running list of the albums you've checked out this year and what you think of them.

Dixita Patel
9 Jun 2017


I would have thought the limiting factors on a machine would be stuff like type, speed and number of cores, amount of RAM and type and speed of available storage more than laptop v. desk machine. What's the vital statistics, as it were, of your Macbook?

Dixita Patel
28 Apr 2017
So, I haven't seen one of these threads for a while and I'm lacking in musical inspiration right now... so what kind of music do the peeps of AD enjoy?
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