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16 Dec 2013
Hi, I'm a musician who does the sound for the band.

We have a number of mobile vocal mikes and invariably have feedback problems at gigs. We just bought a Behringer Feedback Destroyer, and am hoping this will go some way to helping us, used in auto learn mode.

Having read the manual, I can see there are a number of ways of connecting it into our system, which comprises 24 chan mixer with the usual facilities, a 4KW PA with bass bins and mid/top speakers cabs, plus two 400W powered speakers for stage monitors.

We often have very little control over where we are positioned at gigs, and sometimes struggle to place our speakers/mikes in the best position to minimise feedback.

It seems to me the main causes of our feedback problems are the 2 vocal mikes, where the singers walk about during the performance, so I can either put the feedback destroyer in between the mixer and the PAs, or as an insert in the offending mixer channels. Or I could group the mikes and feed it back in via the Destroyer. The trouble with the first is that the Destroyer might mistake sustained loud notes from keyboard or guitar as feedback, and turn down that EQ notch. But it's easy to connect up.

Any ideas/advice out there please?
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