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Seth Peterson

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94110 San Francisco
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Inscrit : 21 mars 05
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13 Nov 2008
Lage hall for 450 people
Bose l1 system with 2-4 sticks
Other musicians directly plugged in

We've tried some 57's in various positions ad get feedback when trying to match the proper volume of the other instruments.

Any one have a sucsses stories ideas?
4 May 2007
I have two adk A-51 large condenser. One has dropped in signal level intensely. I noticed that when I turn on and off the phantom power on my focusrite pre amp it dosen't change sognal level, where as the other mic makes the whole powering up wind noise and has a much greater level. This makes me to believe that the phantom power is not working for this mic. I'm over warrenty and I'd like to at least salvage the mic. Any ideas for repair shops, websites, or even if this is possible or worth it. And yes I switch cables channels the whole trouble shooting.
15 Apr 2007
Thought I'd get something going on this. I've been using condensers and dynamics and am thinking about using a ribbon for finger style Leo Playing. Ribbon Mics are changing and getting better and cheaper by the year so I thought I'd post this. What do you think?
2 Jun 2006
I've botton one copy of cubase sx with my brother to do recordings with and we have two computers. We are working together i'm in berkeley he's in sac, emailing mp3 and would like to use the same program. We have one purchassed version(600$) of cubase sx and would like to use it on my computer aswell.
I see that you can buy more dongles on ebay but the seller dosen't know how to use the same program on two computers with dongles(sounds kinda shady). Are there licencing issuse with this. How do you do this if possible? thanks so much
20 Sep 2005
I used a lacie external hard drive and motu mkll. I get an erro that tells me to save under another file, or on another disk or rename it but nothing seems to work. I did save some of the files as copies and later rename them. Sometimes it lets me save on my desk top but not always.
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