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> cd burner vs. DAT, cd vs. DAT for recording live
posté lun. 8 avril 2002, 00:56
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I am looking to purchase a recording unti to capture live performance without interuption, to then be dumped into my computer later for mixing, editing, mastering etc..

My current set-up is

tiBook 667
Tascam US-428
Cubase VST 5.1
several pairs of stereo-matched pair mics
Pre-sonus mp20 preamp
Pre-sonus blue-tube preamp
Furman Conditioner

The 428 is great, but it still requires a computer and their is the chance of crashing.
My group performs ratehr long tunes (classical duo), so the ability to just let the tape roll s-to-speak is a virtue. I want to be able to record an hour of music straight, then deal with the computer later. I grew-up using DAT-s in the radio business, but am wondering if stand alone CD burner isnt the way to go nowadays.

I have been eyeing the Alesis Masterlink for its flexibilty, 24 bit CD's, ability to archive and master, and the internal drive is cool also. Another contender would be the Tacaam CDRW 2000.

For DATS I have looked at the Tascam decks.

I need something that has XLR analog inputs as well as digital (the XLR issue limits my possibilites).

Any ideas, opinions, or experiences relevant to my situation would be great.

p.s. I already have an external Yamaha CD burner attache to the iMac and the tiBook has an internal burner. Also, there is the price difference between DAT and Burner, both tfor the deck and the medium.


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posté lun. 8 avril 2002, 08:35
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Hi Chuck (from Phoenix)

I'm Chuck (from Mesa). Your best bet would to be to go down to guitar center and as around a bit there. Also synthony music is a great place to ask questions.

I don't think a stand alone burner is gonna do the trick. I am not sure, but I don't think you can multi-track with a burner.

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posté ven. 12 avril 2002, 23:21
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Check out the FOSTEX VF160CD
16 track digital recorder with cd burner, also has ADAT light pipe for transfer to computer as well as scsi.
Cheaper than Alesis, more flexible than DAT or CDR
has built in fx and compression etc, so can do basic mixes and back up or mix to cd built in.
I have one for location recording.( when i want a quick easy one!)
IT has 2 XLR mic inputs with insert points and Phantom power .
As well as another 6 line/mic inputs, all of which can be recorded at once.
the quality is at least as good as cdr.probably better as it has reasonable converters and no jitter.
It is capable of recording all 16 at once but requires an external AD converter in ADAT format to achieve the extra 8 inputs.
ITs not totally state of the art, but its reliable, easy to use and d*amn handy.
I do live recordings using it and then port them into my mac for editing and mixdown.
In the uk it retails for @£800 ish, which i guess makes it Aprrox 1200 dollars, but it may be less.
Which has got to be less than a masterlink.
I like the masterlink as a standalone mastering tool etc, but its not really a location recording device.
All the DAT and CDR recorders will only record as a stereo track, which wont allow you to do any serious editing or mixing.
happy hunting.

max woz ere
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posté mar. 16 avril 2002, 14:33
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I think if you look at the cost comparisons between DAT and a good stand alone CD burner... usually the DAT costs more. I think it all depends on what you are comfortable with using though. Both should be about the same quality... especially if CD-burner does 24bit. I actually have started using a Mini-Disc player to record live shows... I have a Fostex digital 8 channel mixer with optical outs that I use to run submix thorugh and then send signal to the Mini-Disc which makes for above average recordings but it is compressed so its not going to be as good as CD or DAT. The multi-tracker with built in CD-ROM is a pretty good idea too for recording live shows but may be a bit overkill really since most situations... you will only have a couple channels to work with.

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