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Né(e) le 13 Jan. 1979 (39 ans)
4213 Gold Coast
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22 Apr 2005
Hi Firstly I have a G4 dual 800, running dp4.52, grageband and bfd.... I obviously use my mac for recoarding but I also use it for general duties, like internet and Imovie and stuff... My question is How many hard drive an I put in my mac, I have one for my operating system and one for my audio and samples, but I want to add a third so I can boot up a stripped down system with only the items and extensions I eed for audio, and have another drive that boots up with standard panther. Does anyone know if it is possible to do this? Any ideas would be appreciated... thanx JASON
13 Apr 2005
Hi , has anyone had problems with their computer hanging on shut down.... I installed panther with out any hickups, but when I re installed the drivers for motu audio system the mac would just hang at shut down and anytime I load the firewire interface the computer will hang and I can't close the interface on it's own either even if I turn my 828 mk2 off... If anyone has any ideas, help would be appreciated thanx JASON
26 Feb 2005
Hi can anyone please help me...

When in ths sequence window, I double click on a sound bite and highlight a peice of the sound bite(as I have always done with no problem), and the I delete the selected part, that part dissaperes and the sound bite moves way out of time with the rest of the song... I know it must be some setting because it only happens in the one project I am working on... Any ideas please help if you can thank you JASON sad.gif
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