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Né(e) le 10 Juil. 1957 (61 ans)
Milton Keynes
I'm the builder of bonkers electronica and maker of diverse music. I have been rummaging and scrummaging for old music gear for years, long before eBay came along, boot sales and radio rallies. What was musical got fixed, what couldn't got cannibalised to build new beasts. Cheers fixed1t
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22 Jun 2013
I've extend the Garageband tools. There is now a converter from Mac Garageband to:

Fichier joint  fixed_GB_Conv_device_list.png ( 35,58 Ko ) Nombre de téléchargements: 1

So a song can be worked on, on the Mac and on the iPad

Fichier joint  ipad_gb_jazzi_75_.jpg ( 50,43 Ko ) Nombre de téléchargements: 0

and even iPod 4 or 5

Fichier joint  GB_Convertor_on_iPod5.png ( 344,55 Ko ) Nombre de téléchargements: 0

I've also created and nice showreel showing two songs being written and how easy it is to share Garageband Songs between the Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod adding tracks as you go. The video is just 1 min : 52 secs long and really shows the creative power of this approach.

Although there are sites showing how to manually edit songs, it is really tedious and error prone, I know I've tried it and gave up and wrote the converters.

Showreel showing songs being created across the Mac , iPad and iPod
27 Jan 2013
Hi smile.gif
I'm a newbie here and have written a nice Applescript Application converter for the mac Garageband you might be interested in.

Just before Christmas 2012, I was preparing to undertake the Christmas family visits and was deciding what technology to take with me for the downtime when people had ate and drank a little too much and I was still awake. As I had a couple of interesting tunes I'd created in Garageband on the Mac including a Jazzi Song but wasn't planning to take a laptop with me, I decided to transfer a tune over to the iPad 3 via itunes to work on it. Then I discovered you can't easily do this.

So I decided to relearn some programming skills and created a one-shot Mac Garageband to iPad converter so you don't have to. Please note this is a Mac Only program as is Garageband.

The outcome of my efforts is that my Jazzi project from the Mac Garageband is easily and quickly converted and can be transferred in the standard manner through itunes over to the iPad where it plays perfectly.

A full description can be found on my fixed blog.

This also gives links to my fixed1t website to down load a fully working but time limited copy of the converter along with the files it you just want to see if they would work with your ipad. The is also a link to my youtube so you can see a video of the converter in action.

Please check it out, and test it out and if you do post likes and comments. I have a few other labour saving ideas for using complex scripts but would like to get feedback from people first.

Cheers fixed1t
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