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entry sam. 4 août 2012, 23:53
working with Csound I plan to develop my own new system of scales where quarter steps and half steps and third steps etc. are intertwined

This work will be trying (hehehe // trying // like it might work or something) to develop the maths behind the hz's of a new form of scalishing ..

but maybe I am just getting to excited about less limitations that csound has to offer compared to other software sound development tools,..

so you know the limits of fraction series's are going to play a role in new scalishings: this is superficial name for xenergized scale creation

beat abstractions are to be done via frequency interference models and thus making the beat unreal in form at the moment of interactions

the first experiment was with this frequency model of interference methods in sound work where it would just get further out of the box of I

this is the plan to challenge myself and push the limits of time/space departing thru a field of relativistic matter and anti-matter streams of I

Why am i skipping a line between each sentence and having the sentence go only so far at the end of the page? Pay it no mind there is I

Bill Newbold
aka m8w aka h92o aka m1

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