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Né(e) le 1 Jan. 1989 (33 ans)
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16 Mar 2009
does anybody here use a DI Box(Direct Input) when connecting your guitar to your interface into your computer to record? I've been connecting my guitar directly into my M-Audio Mobile Pre-USB interface and then using some sort of guitar amp simulator on Logic but I'm wondering if I have to use a DI Box? I heard it changes your unbalanced input into a balanced one so it seems intriguing, i just wanna know if anybody else has any experience with them? and would they recommend me getting one?
9 Jan 2009
should i use TRS cables or just regular 1/4 inch cables for my monitor speakers? I asked the guy at GuitarCenter what was the difference and he told me they were shielded and that they're better but that's it...he didn't really explain to me and i'm not experienced with the cables in this nature. I just wanna know what would be the difference between the 2 cables and if they would really make a difference. At the moment, i sometimes get some radio interference from my speakers and i bought one TRS cable to see if there would be any difference but i really don't see a difference. I only get interference "sometimes" and other times i hear nothing. If anybody could help me with this i would really appreciate it, THX.
6 Oct 2008
can i put 3 gb of ram on my macbook it only has the stock 1 gb rite now but i'm wondering if i can just get 2gb and put it in the other slot? according to my macbook one of the slots is empty...
23 Sep 2008
is there any way to timestretch audio in garageband? i know there's a way to do it in Logic...but i don't have it yet unsure.gif
21 Jun 2008
so in garageband i'm recording my guitar thru my interface and that records good and on time but when i want to replay it in the song it takes about half a second to play the real instrument track meanwhile all the other tracks start playing right at the beginning...wut's going on? i have a Macbook with only 1GB of RAM...could that be the problem?...also i'm running 5 tracks on this project (2real instruments, and 3 software tracks)
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