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20 May 2006
Hello. I am used to Sonar where I am able to select my hardware synth from a midi channel, and just select the bank and then patch on what I want to use. Is there a way to do this in Logic? Be able to make a track a specific patch from a specific bank from my hardware synth.

I know I need to utilize the environment and such in order to do it... but I am unsure how to do it exactly. I know I should create a layer and call it something, then make a multi instrument object, then select the midi port the keyboard is connected to... from there I am lost. Any help would rock! Thanks!

25 Mar 2006
I plan on buying one of the new Seagate NL35 hard drives for my PowerMac G5. The model I want is a 250GB, SATA, 16MB Cache. Here are a few questions.

1) Which hard drive should I make my main hard drive? The 160GB stock or the 250GB Seagate.

2) I should load my programs, samples, and other instruments onto my main hard drive, and use the second hard drive as purely recording space?

3) Is it okay to put other files on my recording drive? I have an extensive music library and was curious which drive would be best to put that library on.

4) My last question pertains to my current external hard drive. I have an external enclosure with the Oxford 922 chip via FW800. The drive itself is a Seagate 160GB, ATA100, 8MB Cache drive. Whenever I run Logic and start recording, there is up to a 5 second delay from when I click the record button to when the program recognizes that it is going to record. It is a little tedious but records flawlessly after that little delay. What could be some problems that I should look into? Thanks!
21 Dec 2005
Hello. I have had my Firebox for awhile now and I finally solved one of my humming problems with my speakers. I was running both S/PDIF from the Firebox and System outs to my monitors and it would start humming really bad when I turned them up loud. Well, I fixed that by unplugging the system out to my monitors, no hum. So now Logic and iTunes both have sound, but nothing else. Now, I still don't know my Mac entirely, I'm still learning, so any help on figuring out why this isnt working would be splendid. Thanks!!!
12 Oct 2005
Well, Logic just recieved the Audiosuite thing with the new update. So can we now use those Bomb Factory plug-ins that Pro-Tools use that are the Audiosuite plug ins? If so, how? There's the link, maybe I am hoping for too much here...
3 Sep 2005
After installing the new Security Update, my Firebox go through the computer... the comptuer recognizes it, it just won't transmit sound. I am running the sound via S/PDIF. I can change the settings for the FireBox on every field in the Audio/Midi setup, but whenever I select the Default Output to the FireBox it won't work. I can set everything to the FireBox and set the Default Output to Built-In-Audio and it works fine via the Built-In-Audio, but the FireBox doesn't work. Is there anyway to fix this? Is there a way to uninstall an update or put in an old one to make it work? Everything WORKED PERFECTLY before the udpate install. Any help would be swell! Thanks!

- Trevor

*NOTE: I doubled posted cause this I think this could be a hardware/software problem.
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