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> R.i.p. My Poor G3, feel like a lost a best friend
posté jeu. 6 nov. 2003, 01:06
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Well... my main music machine has expired. I had been using a 350mhz G3 B/W desktop tower that has served me well for about 4 years or longer. Well, I had just lost my second internal drive since owning the machine and just got a third drive for replacement... upon initializing the new drive... my computer sighed its last breath and froze... rebooting brought power up but nothing worked... no screen display... no HD spin... no CD spin.... nothing. I couldn't even boot from CD. So took in to work and had our techs look at it... my worst fear was confirmed... it has a bad motherboard and replacing that is about as cheap as buying another used computer.

So tonight I lay my poor G3 to rest. I will really miss it. It looked great with my Digi001 and X-project drive and blueberry epson printer.... it was always there for me when I came home from work and provided years of enjoyment and entertainment. Goodbye my dear friend sad.gif

Synthetic Creations G3 B/W 350
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sorry guys... I am gonna need some time alone now sad.gif

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