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> Annonce : Please, read this. Thanks!
Please, read this. Thanks! 

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Read this prior to post, please

The Forums provide a competent technical help, laid back and useful. Respect please its Terms of Service

Highly recommended: Prior to post, read the forums, search (Google and the "search" in the forums work). Post your topic once only and in the right forum. Use a precise and meaningful title and ask one question only. Say "hello". Try to write in a decent English. Describe you hardware and software. No Off Topic and keep civil and positive.

Strictly forbidden: insults, aggressivity, personnal attacks, cracks, [k], hacks, serial numbers, pirate software, copyrighted MP3/video/whatever-material sharing etc. are all forbidden subjects as unlawful. Any question not related to the site/forums administration, bugs etc. be it by PM or email to teamers. 2rite this way you 6 0r l1k3 th15. Inappropriate posts/topics. Advertisements, classifieds in the Forums, chains, spam… AND to write everything in CAPITALS.

If you need more details, some help on how to post effectively as this is a digest:

- Forums rules and guidelines (how to post, and the rules, a must read)
- Terms of Service

Some forums are currently under modification, follow the forum title/sub-title, not necessarily its content as it's being transfered and it'll take weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it to make the place even better.

Thanks for the reading, enjoy the forums!
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